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Hi Everybody,

I’m so sorry this letter has been so long in coming - the truth is ... my health has been changing weekly, sometimes daily, since the end of August. I write to you from my hospital bed in Truro, having spent two stints here - one of 12 days and the other of 8 so far - incorporating THREE operations! My leg is currently hooked up to a vacuum machine which is ‘cleaning out’ the rubbish inside which helped to make me so immobile along with my hip. However, we seem to be receiving better news on this behalf and, although I have not set foot to floor in over seven weeks, hope that this recuperation may start straight away. There is good news on my cancer with the tumour I had shrinking by 95%, and now officially not dangerous! Unfortunately that treatment set off so many other things which, one by one, are now being dealt with.

It was always my intention to bring all three choirs together for a huge Christmas concert - indeed the dates for both rehearsals and concerts have been arranged for some months now - but I’m afraid my health is really not up to it. Therefore, to ensure continuity of friendships, musical harmony and general bonhommie amongst our many members, I propose the following:-

1) I propose a Christmas social gathering on Tuesday 11th December, at Casa Ventura - at 6pm - where we can meet old friends again, eat mince Pies and the like (we will set that up), and sing Christmas carols and songs to our heart’s delight. There will also be a big Raffle ... we’re good at those. Bring your partners!

2) Also on this evening we will hand out the music for the next big MMI / MVC concert, scheduled provisionally for Saturday 2nd June at Orihuela Costa Resort. This concert will be our 10th year anniversary performance, and will incorporate a good deal of the very best numbers we have performed in that time. I have received many, many requests to join the two choirs together for this concert and, considering its subject, think it might be a grand idea.

3) I think you may realise that I am committing a great part of my life to this venture, and I would like also to gain your commitment to this concert so that I know who I have to work with. To that end I would like to collect €15 per person for the music on December 11th which will be an indication of your commitment. The remainder of the sub will be payable as usual on the first rehearsal at the end of January.

I hope this meets with your approval. This year has been a rubbish year for a lot of us and leaves us with little to celebrate. Therefore let us turn December 11th into a celebration of things to come - a new start.

Both Male Voice Choir and In Harmony will continue after Christmas as usual, and I will be writing separately to you on this subject.

I would appreciate if you could ALL reply to this email indicating that you will both be at the Dec 11th evening AND will be participating in the June concert (necessary for music printing purposes).

Thank you all for your kind messages of support during the last six months. It has been most helpful during a very dark time. Thank you also to Linda Myers whose hard work organising rehearsal dates - only to have them cancelled - has been greatly appreciated, and to everybody who has involved themselves accordingly.

With very best wishes,



A renowned figure in the classical music world came to live in Spain in 2009, where in no time he had established four high-standard choral groups.

These include a 70 strong mixed chorus who perform a musical/popular music repertoire, twice a year, known as 'Melody Makers International'.facebook

'In Harmony',facebookHarmony a very high quality auditioned chamber choir who sing basically liturgical music and secular song.

The 35 strong 'Orihuela Costa Male Voice Choir'.facebook2

And also the early summer 'West End Workshop' for tuition of singers of any standard.

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